Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Day 6 - Last Day :(

Scarborough/Boothbay Harbor, ME - On the last day of vacation we took a long car trip out to Boothbay Harbor.

The day started with Ryan figuring out how he could go in the closet and hide in the hotel room. This entertained him for a few minutes while Mommy and Daddy finished getting ready.

We arrived in Boothbay Harbor around 10:30. Mommy, Daddy and Ryan explored the area for quite a bit of time. There were beautiful boats everywhere. The nice thing was that it felt like it was 20 degrees cooler on the water than every other place we have been. It is abnormally hot here (up in the 90s) with high humidity. Mommy and Daddy and Grammy are used to the humidity, but were hoping for a little relief on vacation. At least we aren't back home with the 100+ temperatures.

Ryan even strolled down on one of the docks to take a closer look at things.

We stopped for lunch where Ryan had a hot dog and french fries. On a couple occasions, Mommy has offered Ryan some ketchup to put on his fries, but he usually refuses and wants nothing to do with it. Today he requested the ketchup and began dipping like a pro. He would dip the fry and suck the ketchup off and then dip again. Obviously we need to teach him about double dipping.

We headed back to Scarborough for our last evening. This was a common site all week...Daddy programming the GPS.

We had dinner at Chicago Dogs. It was a nice quick meal on such a hot day.

After dinner, Ryan found a fun pole to play around.

We went back to Aunt Mickey's and Flip's house for one last quick evening. We tried to do a group picture, but this is the best you get with an active toddler.

Ryan gave a round of hugs to everyone before leaving.

We also got a nice shot of Flip, Mickey and Grammy.

It was a nice trip, but we are headed home tomorrow. We are looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and showering in our own bathroom. The hotel has been wonderful, but there is no place like home. Too bad it is going to take around 12 hours to get there.

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