Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation - Day 1

Danbury, CT - Our first day of vacation was a fairly long car trip. We left home at 5:00am and headed north. After a couple trips, we were finally crossing through New York with a small view of the city.

It wasn't long after that we pulled into the hotel. Ryan did a great job driving those long miles.

After checking in, we went through Danbury to visit some of Grammy B's memories.
This is one of the houses she grew up in.

Then we went to Stew Leonard's. For those like Mommy that have never heard of it, it started as a dairy, but evolved into a really big grocery store with a lot of fresh food. There was a cow that if you pulled the rope, he mooed. Ryan liked to pull the rope, but didn't want to touch the mooing cow.

He also got his first look at lobster. There will probably be more of those to come over the next few days.

Then we went to the cemetary to visit Ryan's Great-Grandpa (Grammy's Daddy). He was a verteran, so he buried in the veterans cemetary.

Then we stopped off at a pretty lake. Ryan was very tired and cranky, so we didn't stay.

We finally got back to the hotel where we have a room right next to Grammy. Ryan had fun running back and forth between the two rooms.

A quick dinner of pasta pickups and oranges finished the day.

Tomorrow we are headed to Maine.

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