Sunday, January 30, 2011

2 Year Potraits

On Saturday Ryan had his portraits taken.  It took him sometime to warm up, but they turned out really well.

Second Birthday Celebrations

Alexandria/Woodbridge - Ryan's birthday was full of fun and excitement with Mommy and Daddy.  After a typical day at school, Mommy arrived at snack time to serve cupcakes to Ryan and his classmates.  They were a big hit and much cupcake frosting was worn all over several faces.

After Mommy and Ryan left school, they picked up Daddy and headed to dinner at On the Border.  Ryan loves chips and dipping, so Ryan was in his element.  He ate chicken strips and french fries and then enjoyed a chocolate sundae for dessert.

Once arriving home, Ryan opened his presents.  He received a couple in the mail on top of the presents from Mommy and Daddy.  Ryan got a couple new shirts, some more MegaBlocks and an Elmo Kinex set.  From his godparents he got a new coloring book and crayons and an awesome Mickey Mouse puzzle.  He also got some money from Grandma Ruby and Auntie.

Ryan had a fun birthday, but is looking forward to his party in a week.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan

Two years ago today Ryan entered this world weighing 7 lbs, 11 oz.  Now, nearly 30 lbs, he is full of wonder and amazement.  He makes his Mommy and Daddy laugh with his antics; he absorbs everything around him; he talks ALL the time; and he knows everyones name (he is kind of like Cheers).  Several times a day we go through roll call.  He asks about his grandparents, cousin Bel Bel, Aunt Cheech, Jack Fergus (Bel Bel's doggy), Chloe (Grammy's doggy) and Tundra (Uncle Justin's doggy).  He also talks about his teachers and friends at school.

At school he says hi to everyone and knows all their names.  Mommy has also received several comments on how polite he is - says please and thank you, excuse me and bless you.  If anyone around him coughs or expresses any pain, he always asks if they are OK.

Ryan gives hugs and kisses, but on his terms and when he feels like it.  He eats almost anything you put in front of him, but loves nuggets, french fries and Chex Mix.  He would eat any of those everyday if you let him.  He likes to point out body parts (nose, eyes, mouth, hands and especially belly button) and rub his hands through Mommy's hair while saying "Mommy hair."

Ryan knows nearly all the Sesame Street characters, eventhough he just watches Elmo's World each day.  He gets excited when he sees any of them in a book and runs to show them off.  He loves Mickey Mouse and will watch Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse whenever Mommy and Daddy remember to turn it on.  He does a really good hot dog.  He also likes to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog, Wheel of Fortune and football (both American football and soccer).

Ryan likes to stay busy.  He is not one to sit still for any period of time.  He won't lay in bed and watch TV or sit in the floor and play with one toy for an extended period of time.  Even when we are out, if the cart or stroller are not moving, he is trying to stand up or get out.  It is the same with a car trip - if it is moving at speed he is quiet, if we are in traffic he is yelling and kicking the seat.

Ryan is a great helper.  He will throw trash away, put his dirty dishes in the sink and help clean up.  He will grab items off the shelf in the stores and put them in the cart, he will bring you a drink and will grab mail out of the mailbox.  At school he has specific jobs...he turns the radio on in the morning, delivers breakfast to the babies and removes shoe coverings from the babies' teacher's feet.

Ryan has learned so much, including the ABC song and his numbers to 10.  He can tell you all sorts of colors as well.  He knows what the potty is for, but has no interest in using it himself.

Happy Birthday to our big boy.  Time is going by way too fast, but Mommy and Daddy are trying to savor every minute they can.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to You...Me

Woodbridge - At school Ryan has learned to sing Happy Birthday.  It is fitting since his birthday is now only 4 days away.  When he sings it sounds like he is singing "Happy Birthday to you, me.  Happy Birthday to you, me." 

Enjoy the serenade, but disregard the mouth full of noodles.  Really, he does have better manners when we are out...I swear.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flashback Photo of the Week

It is hard to believe that Ryan will be 2 on January 28th (this Friday)! He has changed so much in the past year and accomplished even more.  Here is Ryan on his first birthday, enjoying a cupcake at school.

Now That's Refreshing

Ryan finds his water very refreshing.

Snuggle Time with Daddy

Woodbridge - Ryan gives out snuggles on his terms.  Sometimes he wants to sit and cuddle, sometimes he is too busy to stop and acknowledge you.  While Daddy was laying in the floor, Ryan stopped for a couple minutes to grace Daddy with the coveted snuggle time. 

Hey Hey Hey

Remember Dumb Donald from Fat Albert.

Here is Ryan's version:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ryan, What Would You Like For Nummys?

Each day Mommy asks the same question to Ryan and each day she gets the same answer:

Mommy: Ryan, what would you like for nummys (aka dinner) tonight?
Ryan: Peas
Mommy: What else?
Ryan: Corn
Mommy: What else?
Ryan: Nuggets
Mommy: What else?
Ryan: French Fries
Mommy: Anything else?
Ryan: Ketchup

He never gets this combination of food, but he keeps asking for the same thing.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Flashback Photo of the Week

This was one of the first times we gave Ryan noodles (now called noonles) with spaghetti sauce.  As you can see he really enjoyed himself.

How Does This Thing Work?

Woodbridge - For Christmas Ryan got a Leaptop from Aunt Mickey.  It is really does the Alphabet, sings songs (including spelling Ryan's name) and names animals.  As you can see, Ryan was reading the instruction book to really see how it worked.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flashback Photo of the Week

Here is Ryan giving Scout a ride in his dumptruck.  A year ago this was pretty common.

Ball Play

Woodbridge - Ryan's ball pit has a cool part that you can push the balls through.  It is fun to watch as Mommy pushes them through and they fly toward Ryan.

Snow..Not A Big Fan

Woodbridge - On Saturday morning we woke up to a ground covering of snow.  Before we left for our weekly shopping, Ryan went outside to check it out.  Eventhough he had his boots, gloves and coat on, he was not happy.  He did not like to touch it, walk in it or just be out there.  The whole experience was maybe 3 minutes.  Maybe next time he will like it better.

Paparazzi...aka Mommy

This is what it is like when Mommy attacks with the video camera and Ryan is not interested.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Flashback Photo of the Week

Last year Santa brought Ryan Scout for Christmas.  Ryan is pretty attached to Scout now.  He has to have him in bed with him every night and plays with him until he goes to sleep. 

Here is Ryan playing with Scout shortly after receiving him last year.

Improvements in Teeth Brushing

Woodbridge - Each night before Ryan goes to bed he has to brush his teeth.  Santa even brought him a new Elmo toothbrush.  Ryan does insist that Mommy and Daddy brush their teeth at the same time.  He is getting better and better at the brushing.  Also, thanks to Mammy and Peapooh for the cool new Elmo jammies.

Lounging In the Ball Pit

Woodbridge - Mommy and Daddy bought Ryan some extra balls for his new ball pit that Santa brought him.  Ryan took the opportunity to relax amongst the balls.

Choo Choo

Woodbridge - For Christmas Ryan got a couple train sets.  Mommy and Daddy set one up and here is Ryan enjoying his new choo choo.