Sunday, April 25, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

Mommy went out to the community yard sale and came back home to find this. Ryan was snoozing in bed with Daddy. He was so snuggly and cute.

Play Ball

Woodbridge - Because the rain didn't come on Sunday, it was a good afternoon to go outside and play ball.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Hugger

Ryan isn't much of a cuddler, but he loves hugs. All you need to do is hold out your arms and he comes right over for a hug. Usually it is pretty quick and he goes back to playing, but Mommy and Daddy will take as many hugs as they can get. Everyday when he gets to school he walks right in and gives a hug to his teacher before doing anything.

Flashback Photo of the Week

This is when Ryan first got his activity mat. He loved the colors and lights and music that played. For several months he spent a lot of timing playing on his activity mat and trying to figure out how his farm mobile made a sound.


Woodbridge - On Saturday, Ryan's friend James (Lil Fish) came over for a playdate. Daddy grilled out yummy steaks and Ryan and James ate meatballs, corn and fruit. They were really good sharing. Ryan looks forward to getting together again on a day they can play outside.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

In honor of Ryan's first haircut, we are going with a crazy hair picture for the flashback this week. Obviously this is what Ryan looked like when Daddy did his hair.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Woodbridge - Mommy and Daddy took Ryan for his first professional haircut on Saturday. It started out fine, but quickly turned bad. He screamed while the clippers were on him, but did calm down once she started cutting with the scissors. At that point he got distracted by Cars. But then again, who isn't drawn in by Lightning McQueen.

Later in the day we celebrated our new haircut at the playground.

At the Carwash

Woodbridge - Mommy and Daddy are starting to give Ryan a little more freedom to walk around on his own. On Saturday we took Daddy's car to the carwash (it really needed it). The viewing windows were the perfect height for Ryan to watch the car go through. He followed it down to the dryer. Carwashes are super neat.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Few Stories For Some Chuckles

Ryan has developed such a personality. He is very determined and inquisitive. As with most 14 month olds, “no” means “yes” and “stop” means keep doing it. Lately he has been making his Mommy and Daddy chuckle with what he does. Here are a couple stories that caused much laughter. Unfortunately, the camera was not out at the time, so nothing was caught in pictures.

Ryan gets a clean blanket every Sunday to sleep with at night. Most of the time he kicks it off, but Mommy and Daddy still recover him. Other times we will check on him and he is wrapped up in it like a burrito. Every morning when Mommy goes to get him out of bed, Ryan hands her the blanket and she folds it and leaves it until bedtime. Last Sunday Ryan again handed Mommy his blanket and Mommy threw it over the side of the bed because it was laundry day and he was getting a clean one when he went to bed. Ryan was not happy with that, grabbed the blanket and gave it back to Mommy. He insisted it had to be folded and left in his bed. I guess that is a trait he has gotten from Mommy because the bed needs to be made daily.

One morning while Mommy and Daddy were getting ready to leave for work, Mommy put some breakfast in the microwave to take with her. While it heated up, Mommy went to the bathroom. Ryan always waits outside the bathroom door for Mommy and Daddy each morning, so it was no surprise to see him there when the door was opened. This time, instead of barging his way into the bathroom, he ran into the kitchen, pointing at the microwave and yelling at Mommy (this usually consists of some sort of grunt or uh). Our microwave beeps if you don’t get things out of it right away. He just wanted to make sure Mommy knew that her breakfast was ready.

The weather has been beautiful this week and quite warm. Mommy and Daddy decided that Wednesday would be a good night to stop for Slurpees. Mommy and Daddy have given Ryan tastes of Slurpee before and he loves them. It is one of the few things he can figure how to drink with a straw. If there is Slurpee in hand and Ryan is being held, he will lean in to take a sip. Mommy and Daddy both got a yummy orange flavor that tastes like a creamsicle. While waiting to pay, Ryan leaned in to steal another sip and got a brain freeze. He had a look on his face that was partly surprise and part confusion. We so wish we had a camera ready at that point to catch that face.

This is just a sample of life with Ryan and how he makes us laugh everyday.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

This photo was taken on April 5, 2009. Ryan was spending his last few days at home with Daddy before starting daycare. Here Ryan is hanging in his bouncy with The Count.

Easter Bunny Goodies

Woodbridge - Because Ryan has been a good boy, the Easter Bunny dropped off goodies at his house. Left in his Easter pail were a set of Cars books, a new Chuck named Rowdy, a sippy cup, a pail, a Cookie Monster book, a bunny Mr Potato Head and some Chickadees. It was a good year from the Bunny.

This is what you do with your Easter bucket when it is empty.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bumbo Revisited

Woodbridge - About a year ago Ryan got a Bumbo so that he could sit up on his own securely. He used it for a short period of time, but once he started to sit without assistance he was no longer interested in it. Mommy and Daddy have been meaning to put it away, but it has acted as a barricade around the TV. Recently Ryan has started climbing in the Bumbo and sitting to look out the window. Therefore, the Bumbo is going to stay put for now.

Here is Ryan making himself comfortable by the open window enjoying the warm spring air.

Here is a bonus flashback photo of the first time Ryan sat in his Bumbo.


Woodbridge - On Saturday Daddy bought Ryan a bubble blowing machine. To make it work you have to hold down the handle and the bubbles come out the top. Ryan spent a lot of time outside watching the bubbles fly through the air.

Easter Egg Hunt

Woodbridge - On Saturday, Ryan attended his first Easter Egg Hunt put on by our neighborhood association. He had fun picking up the eggs with all the other kids, but once he got two (one for each hand) he didn't want to put those down. In total we did end up with 7 eggs. Maybe next year he will understand to keep grabbing them.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Today Ryan's Daddy turned 34. Ryan was excited to celebrate with him. Starting last Saturday at Grammy and Grumpy's house, Ryan joined in the festivities.

Daddy shared his birthday cake, eventhough Ryan preferred oranges over the cake.

He then helped Daddy open his presents.

Finally, he tried on Daddy's new shirt. He did approve.

On his actual birthday, Ryan gave Daddy a new video game.

And Mommy gave Daddy a DC United jersey.

Again, Daddy shared his cake.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!