Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vacation - Day 3...Happy 4th of July

Scarborough, ME - Day 3 was a very busy day for us. Ryan got the day started with brushing his teeth an combing his hair. These are two tasks that he is getting pretty good at.

Then it was off to breakfast in the lobby. Ryan enjoyed some cereal and banana. That may be a new word because he kept pointing at the empty peel and saying nana. Unfortunately for Daddy, they did not have anything that appealed to him to eat, so he had to stop at the Circle K (no strange things afoot there) for some donuts and an energy drink. That was the third day in a row for an energy drink...hopefully it isn't becoming a habit.

After stopping at Aunt Mickey's to pick everyone up, we headed to the beach. Aunt Mickey and Flip said they have never seen it so busy. While waiting for Aunt Mickey to park, Ryan and Daddy did some mouth strumming. (bleeba, bleeba, bleeba)

We found a spot on the beach and headed down to the water. It was pretty chilly...not as warm as the VA waters that Mommy is used to. Ryan liked the waves rolling over his feet and got adventerous and walked out further. Unfotunately, once he got a little over ankle deep the wave knocked him over a little and he got a little water to the face. That made him back up. Daddy took him out to where it was knee deep (to Daddy) and let him touch the waves as they rolled in. He thought that was funny.

After that excitement, he went back up on the beach with Mommy.

For a few minutes Ryan played with the sand and the bucket, but he was a little more interested in watching all the people on the beach.

After an exciting beach adventure, we headed to lunch at the Clambake where Ryan had Fish and Chips and some of Grammy's clams. He really enjoyed both. Ryan went back to Aunt Mickey's for a nap and Mommy and Daddy headed to Old Orchard Beach to check out the sights. This was the tourist section of town with a pier and an amusement park. The beach was packed.

Once Ryan got up from his nap and a walk with Grammy and Flip we went to dinner. Ryan was full of energy and trying to take everything off the table and do anything but eat his dinner. Because of that energy, we took him to the park afterwards to run it off. He played football with Aunt Mickey.

And then got tackled by Grammy.

On the way back to Aunt Mickey's house, we stopped at a candy store that had a giant moose made of chocolate. She has a smaller bear friend also made of chocolate.

Then it was finally off to see the fireworks. Not only was there the big show down the beach, but people were shooting others off all around. Ryan was very sleepy and didn't pay attention to much of it, but when one was shot off nearby, he watched and applauded.

We got the sleepy baby back to the hotel and to bed over 3 hours past his normal bedtime. He was a trooper and hung in pretty well all day.
Day 4 looks to bring lighthouse looking.

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