Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

Ryan is a big time thumb sucker. Even in his ultrasound pictures he was sucking his thumb. About a year ago Ryan really started searching for his thumb, but often missed. Now if he is tired or wound up, he often has his tumb in his mouth. Here is a picture of him searching for his thumb.

Daffodil Festival

Gloucester - On Saturday Ryan attended his very first Daffodil Festival. Unfortunately the weather was a little chilly, but the sun was shining. He met a lot of Grammy and Peapooh's friends, hung out with cousin Belle, ate funnel cake and saw his very first parade.

Here is Ryan watching the parade with Grammy.

Ryan didn't even flinch when the fire trucks sounded their sirens.

Here is Belle playing in the balloon house.

Finally Ryan tuckered out while strolling.

On the walk back to the car, Ryan got to ride on Daddy's and Peapooh's shoulders.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

One year ago Ryan gave his Mommy and Daddy the biggest scare ever. He was sick with his first cold, but Mommy and Daddy did not realize how sick. When calling the doctor to see if there were anything we could do for him, they insisted that we head right away to the emergency room based on his symptoms. We took him to the ER (still thinking he was OK) and found out he had a partially collapsed lung and pneumonia. He was admitted and stayed for 4 days. Ryan endured breathing treatments every four hours, a feeding tube and constant poking and proding.

Ever since those days, Ryan has received a daily steroid treatment and been through a lot of colds (some not to bad, some horrible). He has also been back to the ER, thankfully for only a short trip because of his breathing. Thankfully he has been very good about the whole thing and the colds really don't bother him. This past winter he got a lot fewer colds than the previous. Hopefully this spring his doctor will take him off the breathing treatments.

This picture was day 2 in the hospital. Mommy and Daddy didn't hold Ryan as much as they would have liked to because there were so many tubes and wires. This was a time that Mommy was happy to snuggle for just a little while.

The Playground

This is Ryan on his way to the playground.



It's A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Woodbridge - Saturday and Sunday brought beautiful spring weather to our neighborhood. Ryan was finally (for the first time ever) able to go outside and walk around. On Saturday he stuck close to home and explored the new flowers that were popping up.

On Sunday, Mommy and Daddy took Ryan to the playground. Ryan walked more than a block by himself before Daddy picked him up and carried him the rest of the way.

Walking can be exhausting, but you have to look both ways before crossing the street.

Slides are really exciting.

Ryan wanted to see if he could climb back up the slide.

Daddy pushed Ryan on the swings.

After a big trip, he had to refresh with a little water.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good Eats

This is how to eat some Chic-fil-a nuggets!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby in the Box 2010

Woodbridge - Ryan likes playing in boxes. Recently we got a new box of diapers and Ryan played inside. Box love started a year ago when Grammy D sent a box of fun stuff for Ryan.

Here is a bonus Flashback Photo of the Week. This was one year ago and the original baby in the box.

Flashback Photo of the Week

This was taken on March 16, 2009. Ryan was 1 1/2 months and really starting to show some personality. Here he is sitting in his bouncy, making a funny face.

Grammy and Peapooh

Big Chuck

Woodbridge - Grammy and Peapooh really spool Ryan when they come to visit. Peapooh insisted that Ryan get the big Chuck. Ryan has had a small Chuck for many months, but now he has the rolling, talking version. It is awesome.

Awesome Big Boy Chair

Woodbridge - Grammy and Peapooh came to visit this weekend and bought Ryan this really awesome new chair. It has Lightning McQueen on it (evethough Ryan has not see Cars). It is a really cool place to read a book or just kick back. THANKS!!!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

Here is Ryan the gamer. This may be a look into the future.

Beautiful Baby

This is one of Mommy's new favorite pictures of Ryan. We could not help but share. He is so cute, yet into something he should not. Notice the cord in his hand.