Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Family Portrait Day

For the first time, all five us went for family portraits. 

Ryan's Big Boy Bike

Ryan has upgraded to a big boy bike with training wheels.  We went to Toys R Us and he picked out a Buzz bike.  He was not happy about having to wear his helmet, but he got the pedaling down pretty good.  We need to work on steering and pedaling at the same time, but he definately has the basics.

First Baths (At Home)

Now that everything is healed, the boys could finally have a bath.  Despite the relaxing warm water, neither really enjoyed it that much.  Both screamed until they were out and snuggly in their jammies.

Burping Adam

When Adam gets burped, it always seems to startle him.  Here is an example of his facial expression.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Nathaniel

To the Playground

Now that the heat is no longer unbearable, we finally ventured out of the air conditioning to the playground.  Adam and Nathaniel enjoyed the ride in their new stroller and Ryan was able to swing and climb for a few minutes.

How Did He Grow That Fast?

Mommy and Daddy have always known that Ryan was slightly larger than his friends.  He was the tallest in his class at daycare, towering over the next biggest kid by a couple inches.  However, we really haven't realized how much he has grown until the twins came along.  He feels like he has gained 100 pounds and grown about 6 feet.  Mommy had to laugh the other day when Ryan was sitting in the boppy.  Just wanted to share the comparison to baby Ryan in the boppy over 3 years ago and now.

Ryan - 2/1/09

Ryan 7/9/12

Monday, July 9, 2012

First Visitors

Adam and Nathaniel hosted their first visitors on the same day that Nathaniel came home.  The first to drop by was Miss Emily.  She is a friend of Mommy's that she met online.  She lives in Connecticut and was passing through on her way home from vacation.  Her little boy, Dylan, is the same age as Ryan.  They played nicely, while Emily, her husband Jeremy and their other little boy, Connor, visited.

The second visitor was Miss Katie.  She lives in Ohio and was in town for a conference with her boyfriend Josh.  They stayed for some burgers and baby cuddles.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome Home Nathaniel

After 18 long days in the NICU dealing with many breathing problems Nathaniel came home on July 5th. Mommy and Daddy were not only thrilled to have all three boys home, but also not to have to visit the hospital every day. We squeezed all the boys in the backseatand headed home.

Nathaniel has adjusted to being home and loves cuddles. He is definately more vocal than Adam, letting us know when he is hungry or has a dirty diaper.

Now that they are all home, Mommy and Daddy are learning how to juggle all three. So far we are adjusting, just tired.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two Boys Home, One To Go

On Monday, June 25th, Adam was realeased from the NICU and came home.  He spent a total of 8 days in the NICU getting his breathing under control and learning to eat.  Before he left, he said one last goodbye to Nathaniel because he won't be able to see him until he gets home.  Adam has transitioned well and is enjoying the cuddles and attention that Mommy and Daddy are providing. 

On Saturday, Ryan came home from Mammy and Peapooh's house.  He had a couple weeks of "cation" where he had all sorts of fun playing at the beach and going to the playground.  He visited with family and farmed.  He was a very good helper. 

So far Ryan likes being a big brother and paying attention to Adam.  We are all looking forward to Nathaniel coming home soon.