Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

A year ago Ryan could only supervise the decorations being put up outside.  Here he is making sure Daddy put everything up right and giving his seal of approval.

The Reason for the Season

Woodbridge - As a way to teach Ryan the real reason for Christmas, Mommy bought him his very own Nativity.  It is available for him to play with and we talk about who each person is and why they are important.  Mary is his favorite.  He will carry her around and show her and say Mary. 

The first time he played with it, he took everyone out and put the angel inside with Baby Jesus.

Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Woodbridge - Thanksgiving weekend brings Christmas decorations in our home.  While Ryan slept, Mommy and Daddy put up the Christmas Tree and some other indoor decorations.  On Sunday morning, Ryan was able to help put up some of the outdoor decorations.  He calls the tree pretty and when he wants it on he points and says pretty.  He knows how to use the remote to turn the tree on himself.  So far (after only one day) he is being good about not touching it, but points our all of his favorite characters (Snoopy, Cookie Monster, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and balls).


Woodbridge - Ryan loves books.  He will pull out every book and flip through them.  The very first book Mommy and daddy ever bought him is now his new favorite.  It is an alphabet book with large pictures.  He loves to find the elephant and make the elephant sound, he pets the sleeping doggy and he finds Ryan at the end.  His association is really coming out because he will point to his nose and mouth when he comes across that page or when he finds Snuffy in one of his Elmo books he will pick up his stuffed Snuffy and show the stuffed Snuffy his picture in the book.

Here is Ryan when he was just a month old looking at the same book during tummy time. 
The car used to be his favorite page.

Candlelit Dinners

Woodbridge - For Thanksgiving dinner, Mommy lit the candles on the table.  Ryan thought they were very pretty and learned the word candle.  Ever since Thansgiving dining by candle light, Ryan has wanted to have his dinner by candle light.  He goes to the table, points and says candle.  Once he gets seated, mommy lights the candles and dims the lights so he can enjoy his "romantic" dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving

Woodbridge - Thanksgiving is always pretty low key and non-traditional.  Mommy and Daddy don't particularly care for turkey, so Mommy cooked the Thanksgiving pork ribs in the crock pot.  We enjoyed corn, mashed potatoes and bread and spent the day thankful for each other.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

Woodbridge - Here is Ryan rocking out in his "new" chair.  This rocking belonged to his daddy and Grammy wanted Ryan to have it!

What Makes Ryan Giggle

Monday, November 15, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

Here is a cute close up of the drool fest from a year ago.  He was learning to pull up and would often do it and get right in your face.

Clean Up

Gloucester/Woodbridge - Ryan's cousin, Belle, was nice enough to give him her old play vacuum.  Ryan had an irrational fear of the vacuum and scream and hold on to Mommy every time Daddy vacuumed the floor.  Now that he has his own the fear seems to be gone.  Ryan cleaned Mammy's house for her and then came home to vacuum his house.

Yee Ha

Mathews - While out with PeePooh this weekend, Ryan tried on his hat.  It is still a little big, but he looked good.  Here he is sitting with his favorite Aunt Cheech.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Many Bedfellows

Woodbridge - A few months back Ryan started sleeping with his seahorse.  It then progressed to one Mickey Mouse and an Elmo.  Then another Elmo was added.  A week or so later another Mickey Mouse came into the bed.  Then there was a request for Cookie Monster.  Last week he asked for Scout to sleep in the bed.  Now tonight he insisted that Snuffy AND Ernie be there as well.  On top of it all, there is a blankey.  Maybe he likes the company.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

A year ago Mommy and Daddy took Ryan out to to enjoy a pretty fall day.  He liked discovering the leaves and just being outside.

My First Trike

Woodbridge - Over the weekend Ryan got a really cool tricycle.  One of Daddy's very nice co-workers has a little boy older than Ryan that had outgrown it and they were nice enough to give it to Ryan.  He was so excited the moment he saw it and climbed right on.  We took a stroll around the neighborhood.  Ryan couldn't quite reach the pedals, but he held on and enjoyed the ride.  We know he likes it because he cried and screamed when it was time to go inside.  Mommy had to take him to watch Daddy put it away in the outside closet so he knew it really was his and it was staying at our house.