Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vacation - Day 5

York/Scarborough, ME - Day 5 was just Mommy, Daddy and Ryan. We started our day early and headed south to see Cape Neddick lighthouse (aka The Nubble). It was a beautiful ride through the cute town of York, past beaches (and ocean of course) and the cutest large and small cottages.

We arrived to the lighthouse which had a beautiful view. It was super hot today, which was felt so early in the morning.

The seagull stopped near us for a visit.

We tried to let Ryan walk around with his pap pap on, but he wanted to run down on the rocks with Daddy. It wasn't a great place to let Ryan explore a little on his feet.

We headed back into town and stopped at some outlets and the Kittery Trading Post. After all of that, we stopped at BK for lunch. Ryan enjoyed his bach bach (chicken nuggets) and french fries.

We came back to the hotel for a little rest and then we were headed out to dinner with
Grammy, Aunt Mickey and Aunt Flip. While we were out Ryan got a new pair of shoes. My Adidas.

We had dinner at the Dunstan School Restaurant. Mommy has been saying all week that it is spelled wrong. She angled for a discount on sharing a name with the restaurant, but no go. They can't have that many Dunstons dine there very often (even if it is spelled correctly, because they are wrong).

Ryan enjoyed fish, clam strips, green beans, taco meat, mac and cheese, stuffing, tomatoes, chips, turkey and cookies. Nothing like a buffet to sample a lot of stuff.

Another exhausting day and the little guy passed out with his Mickey Mouse and Seahorse.

Tomorrow is the last day in town. We are probably headed out to Boothbay Harbor.

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