Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome Summer

Woodbridge - Ryan has welcomed summer with some awesome summertime activities.  He enjoyed his first Slurpee of the year.  He chose banana, but also drank a lot of Mommy's lime Slurpee.  He also has enjoyed burgers off the grill.  He really wanted to sit outside and eat them.  Hopefully we can look forward to plenty more of this in the upcoming months.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ryan's New Car

Woodbridge - Mommy and Daddy bought Ryan a new (to us) car this weekend.  We got an Altima and Ryan loves it.  He says it's Ryan's new car and is ready to go for rides.  He tried driving and then tested out each seat in the car.

Chloe and Glasses

Woodbridge - Ryan really wanted Chloe to wear the glasses.  He never did succeed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Woodbridge - Despite the threat of rain all day, we worked in a trip to the big playground on Sunday.  We have not been since last year, and what a diference that time makes.  Ryan ran around with no problems, scaling the steps and taking on the slides with no fear.  The rain finally came and we headed home, but with protest from Ryan.

Marine Corp Museum

Quantico - In preparation for our big Disney trip, Mommy, Daddy and Ryan are taking weekend trips around town to walk and/or stroll and to visit local attractions that we don't get to very often.  Our first stop was the Marine Corp Museum in Quantico.  This is only just down the road from us, but we have never visited before. 

The museum gives a great history of the Marines through each was and conflict.  There are great exhibits, weaponry, tanks and airplanes.  Ryan loved taking in the sites and, especially, seeing the airplanes.

Our Cleaning Helper

Woodbridge - Ryan loves to help do chores.  He takes the trash out, vacuums and even (trys to) sweep.  Mommy and Daddy will try to take advantage as long as they can before he starts to rebel and refuses to do anything.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making Cookies...Yum

Woodbridge - This week is Teacher Appreciation week at school.  Because Ryan (and Mommy and Daddy) loves the teachers, Ryan and Mommy made them red velvet cookies.  Ryan helped mix the ingredients, stir the dough and roll the cookie balls.  However, Ryan did keep sneaking the dough to eat.  We hope they enjoy them.