Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Keeps Us Laughing

Ryan continues to keep things lively. Here are a couple new stories that keep Mommy and Daddy laughing at him.

For awhile Ryan has like to watch Wheel of Fortune on TV. Maybe it is the colors, maybe it is the noise, but it really draws his interest (not like Elbow, but close). He gets so into the show that he claps along with the audience and the contestants. Last night he got so excited that the lady won a trip to Jamaica. He kept clapping and squealing for her. It was almost like he won the trip to Jamaica.

This morning while driving in to work he was pretty quiet. He is normally not very chatty in the car, but he does make sure we know he is back there most of the time. We passed a fire truck with its siren on. All of a sudden from the backseat we hear Ryan make a “WOO WOO” siren noise. Then another fire truck passed with its siren on and we hear it again from the backseat. I guess Ryan wanted to make sure we got the siren in stereo.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

This picture was taken on Ryan's very first trip to Grammy and Grumpy's house. Mommy and Ryan were up early doing a little tummy time. Mommy still misses the days that right stayed in one place.

End Table

This is one of the reasons we have nothing on our end table or coffee table.


Woodbridge - This weekend Ryan's cousin Belle came to visit him. They played together and chased each other around. Belle brought Ryan a portable DVD player for his upcoming road trip and Ryan let Belle take home some of his books in exchange. They had a great time together.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

For well over a year, this has been what we deal with on a daily basis...DROOL. There are very few times that Ryan is not in a bib do to his excessive drool. Hopefully we will see and end to it one day.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to a super great Daddy. Ryan was excited to give Daddy gifts of a new movie and a basket to grill burgers in. He was very helpful in opening those gifts as well.

Check out the awesome gifts Ryan made Daddy at school.


Woodbridge - Ryan and Mommy tokk Daddy out for a Father's Day dinner on Saturday to Ci Ci's Pizza. If you have never been, the pizza is delicious. Ryan also thought the breadsticks were yummy. He ate 3 of them.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flashback Photo of the Week

For probably longer than we needed to, either Mommy or Daddy would ride in the backseat with Ryan. Often times Mommy would use her phone to capture pictures of Ryan on the go. This happens to be one of those shots. Most likely we were on our way to do the weekly shopping.


Woodbridge - On a hot day Ryan deserves a nice cold grape popsicle!

World Cup Fever

South Africa (via Woodbridge) - Our house has a case of World Cup Fever (thanks to Daddy). Starting with outside our house we have put up the soccer flag. Our whole Saturday schedule was planned around the US/England game (we are happy about the tie, but wish it was a win). Ryan even kicked Daddy out of his chair so he could watch the game with his own soccer ball. Over the next few weeks our lives will continue to be consumed by these games (again...thanks to Daddy). Anyhow...GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Splashing Good Time

Woodbridge - Mommy got Ryan a really cool water table for Ryan to splash in this weekend. When he first went outside he wanted nothing to do with it. This wasn't surprising because he hates baths and screams if you put him in water. After Mommy showed him how fun it was to splash the water, he had a great time splashing and pouring the water. Mommy also got boats to play with as well. This will probably be a favorite summer toy.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How Does He Sleep Like That?

Woodbridge - Ryan is a very active sleeper. All night long he is from one end of the crib to the other. This is what Mommy found when she went to check on him after he fell asleep.

Flashback Photo of the Week

A year ago we often had a very difficult time getting Ryan to take a nap anywhere. Bedtime was never really a problem, but naptime was extremely difficult (and continued to be that way until he was about a year old). For a short period of time, one thing that helped Ryan get to sleep was a blanket. He would cuddle with it around his face and eventually dose up. This was one of those rare times.

The Craft Fair

Woodbridge - Over the weekend Ryan went to the Craft Festival with Mommy, Daddy, Grammy and Grumpy. We got soem lemonade, saw a bunch of cool things and even got some cool stuff to bring home. However, the coolest part of the whole thing was riding the shuttle bus.

Too Cool for Words

New Pap Pap

Woodbridge - This weekend Ryan got a new pap pap (backpack) to take on his upcoming vacation. He can keep all sorts of fun things in there and Mommy and Daddy can be sure to keep him close by. What is really cool is that it has a monkey that comes out to snuggle with. Ryan was very excited to wear it and run around the house.

Paper Towels

Why do you need toys when you have a whole pack of paper towels? You can push them, climb on them, ride them and flip it over.

Driving the Grocery Cart

Woodbridge - Now that Ryan is getting to be a big boy he has graduated from the top of the grocery cart to the cart car. Ryan steers the car through the store, honking the horn and saying hi to all the people he passes. It is fun to drive while Mommy and Daddy get the goods.