Tuesday, May 29, 2012

32 Weeks...Only 4 To Go

32 weeks was our next big milestone.  At this point the twins have a 99% survival rate if born.  We can now breath a little easier knowing that they should enter this world safely.  They are both healthy and average size for their gestation.  They are active and doing well on all tests.  Because of the complete previa, the babies will be delivered at 36 weeks (only 4 weeks away).  In the next few days we will get on the schedule and know exactly which day these babies will arrive.

This weekend a lot of progress was made with their room.  Daddy built the other crib and got many of Ryan's baby things out of the attic.  Mommy even started washing blankets and sheets.

Ryan decided that it was his duty to try out the new crib and make sure it was OK for his brothers.

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