Monday, May 21, 2012

31 Weeks and a Hospital Visit

This past week brought a little bit of excitement, but nothing to worry about.  At Mommy's check up last week, the doctor was a little concerned about some contractions so he sent Mommy to the hospital to see the specialist.  Upon arrival, Mommy was sent to Labor and Delivery to drop off a specimen, but they decided to keep Mommy for observation.  They had the babies on the monitor and checked to make sure Mommy was not dialating.  The good news is that everything was fine and the babies were happy as can be.  Mommy and Daddy spent about three hours in the hospital before being sent home with instructions to take it easy.

On a more positive note, Mammy brought the new crib this weekend.  Daddy has a big project over the Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully before next weekend is over the room will be finished.

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