Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ryan's Favorite Jams

Ryan loves to sing songs.  From the time he gets up in the morning, through meal times, until the time he goes to bed he is singing or making requests for Mommy and Daddy to sing.  Here are the top requests:

8. Pinkle ("Twinkle Twinkle Little Star") - He doesn't request this song, but he sings it from beginning to end by himself.

7. ABC ("The Alphabet Song") - He will either sing it alone or sing parts while someone else sings other parts.  He is the leader at school with this song when the teachers stop.

6. Meatball ("On Top of Spaghetti) - It used to be a favorite, but has slipped on the Ryan charts lately.

5. Row Row ("Row Row Row Your Boat") - He loves to sing that one and scream at the end.

4. Bus ("Wheels On the Bus") - A previous number one hit, this song is still requested nearly daily.  His favorite part is when the driver says move on back.  He even does all the hand motions.  Often times he insists on certain verses and will quickly tell you no if you are not singing the part he wants to sing.

3. Rudolph ("Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer") - This is a common request.  Sometime it is requested by just saying nose.

2. Hokey Dokey ('Hokey Pokey) - Number 2 with a bullet, it has quickly become a favorite since Mommy revived it recently.  When he "shakes it all about" he shakes both arms, despite the body part that you are singing about.

1. LaLa ("Deck the Halls") - Yes...Christmas has been over for nearly two months, but it has to be Ryan's favorite song.  This song has held the top spot since just after Thanksgiving.  It holds a new record at the top spot.  In the past few weeks he is finally able to sing most of the song while Mommy or Daddy sings it. 

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