Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Rough Week

This past week was a difficult one for Ryan.  He had six doctor appointments in one week and he really isn't even sick.  As previously noted, Ryan has a bump on his chest that is being treated by an ENT.  He had a CT Scan on February 7th that revealed a cyst that did not go into any tissue or bone (thank goodness). 

The week started last Sunday with a minor fever before nap time.  The day before he completed a round of antibiotics.  He kept the fever on and off until the following morning.  Daddy stayed home with Ryan and Mommy checked in with the ENT about the fever.  They insisted that he be brought in to his pediatrician to make sure everything was OK.  The pediatrician said he was fine, but put him back on the antibiotic.

Tuesday he did not see a doctor and enjoyed a full day of school.  On Wednesday we headed back to the ENT to follow up on the CT Scan.  She said it was a cyst that needed to be removed, but we needed to get the infection under control.  We scheduled a surgery for March 18th to remove the cyst and was instructed to follow up with his pediatrician to get an antibiotic shot. 

On Thursday we were back at the pediatrican for what Mommy thought would be a quick in and out.  Unfortunately they were unsure how Ryan would react to the shot, so he had to get a dose of Benedryk first, wait for 20 mintues for that to get in his system and then he got the shot.  It was a pretty brutal shot, one in each leg at the same time.  We then had to wait another 20 mintues to make sure he didn't have a reaction to the shot.  The shot also had lydocain, so Mommy then had to take Ryan home to make sure his legs worked.  Around lunch time, Ryan was finally off to school.

If Thursday wasn't bad enough, Friday was 100 times worse.  Mommy and Ryan were back to the pediatrican to get a second dose of the antibiotic shot.  Again, Mommy thought it would be a quick in and out because we didn't have to wait to see if he had a reaction because he didn't the day before.  When the doctor came to exam his bump, she noticed that it has changed from a solid mass to something more fluidy.  She said it needed to be drained.  She contacted our ENT, who wanted to see us right away.  Mommy and Ryan headed to the second doctor for the day where we proceeded to wait for nearly an hour to be seen.

As we waited in the play area, Ryan began to scream and be rather rude.  Mommy took him outside of the office for a time out, but that backfired.  It was right next to the bank of elevators, which Ryan has becomed fascinated with since we started seeing this ENT.  When we went back inside the office, Ryan started doing again what he ended up in time out for in the first place and then yelling time out, trying to get Mommy to put him back in time out near the elevator.  (His plan did not work and Mommy did not take him Out).

The ENT examined the bump and decided she would drain it there in the office.  It was very difficult for Mommy to watch because they strapped him to the table and held his head while she got the puss and fluid out.  After it was all over, the ENT still wanted us to get another dose of the antibiotic.  That was scheduled for Saturday.  Mommy decided that Ryan deserved a treat and took him for a Happy Meal before going to school.

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took him back to the pediatrican for his second dose of the antibiotic.  It went much better this time around because Mommy came equipped with Goldfish crackers and M&Ms.  We took him home for a yummy hot dog for lunch and a good nap.

On Monday, Mommy has to call the ENT to see if they got a culture result from what was drained from his bump.  Ryan may have to go back for a third dose of the antibiotic or he may be put on a new oral medicine.  Hopefully soon we will have this all fixed and be done.  However, we don't expect another week like this last one.

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