Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Gloucester/Mathews - Christmas morning started off with the excitement of what Santa brought Ryan and Belle.  Ryan awoke to find a new scooter, a Mickey Mouse blanket, a wagon of blocks and books.  Mammy let him ride his scooter in the kitchen.  Everyone got up and we opened presents together.  Ryan opened presents one piece of paper at a time.  He would rip a piece off, hand it to someone and then go for another piece.  He would not acknowledge the gift until all the paper was off the present.  He did this with the gifts he opened for himself and whomever else he was helping. 

Ryan got a lot of cool stuff:  A helmet and knee pads from Mammy and Peapooh, a train set from Aunt Cheech, lots of cool books, some clothes and even some candy.

After opening presents, Mommy, Daddy, Ryan and Peapooh went to visit Grandma Ruby, Aunt Jane and Timmy.  Ryan got some really cool tractors from Grandma Ruby.

We went back to Mammy's house for Christmas lunch and a nap.

In the afternoon it started to snow.  Who knew it would be a white Christmas.

We headed to Meemaw and Pop's house for dinner.  Ryan has several cousins that he got to play with.  He even got to sit at the big kids table to enjoy his meal.  It was then time to open more presents.  Ryan got Lincoln Logs, more books and a pop up tent.

The original plan was for Mommy, Daddy and Ryan to stay at Mammy and Peapooh's house that night and then travel to Grammy and Grumpy's the next morning, but it was snowing really hard.  Mommy and Daddy were concerned that they would not be able to get out the next morning, so they packed up and left that night.  Ryan was so sleepy that he went right to sleep as soon as we got there.

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