Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Part II - The Day After

Yorktown - The day after Christmas was spent with Grammy and Grumpy.  We had no idea it would snow so much.  By the time it stopped, there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground. 

In the morning, Grammy fixed everyone pancakes and Grumpy gave Ryan lots of fruit.  Ryan played, Grumpy shoveled snow and Daddy watched TV.  We opened a few presents before lunch, including a Tickle Me Elmo for Ryan.  That was welcomed with lots of hugs.  Ryan ate lunch and then took a nice nap.

After naptime, we openend the rest of our presents.  Ryan got some nice clothes, more books, another train and a cool computer that will help him learn words and letters. 

After presents, Grammy fixed a yummy lasagna.  Ryan was much more interested in the cherry tomatoes.  Mommy had to tell him if he ate noodle, he could have a tomato.  He probably ate 7 or 8 tomatoes.  Shortly after dinner and bath, Ryan was off to bed.  It had been several days of present opening, and he still wasn't finished.

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