Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nathaniel at 1

Nathaniel is our funny peanut.  He is the little one with a lot of personality.  He is bullied by Adam and sometimes takes it and sometimes gets mad and whines to Mommy and Daddy to make him stop.  He is very loud, but has been since he was born.  He screams when he is unhappy and screams when he is happy.

Nathaniel started crawling by doing the worm across the floor.  He has finally figured out how to really crawl.  He cruises, but not as fast as Adam.  He loves to walk while holding your fingers.  He also likes to push walking toys for a few steps.  He can let go and stand on his own for a few seconds before falling.

Nathaniel is very picky with his food.  He loves sweets and will take a whole donut hole or eat cake or small cookie.  Anything else he takes bites and pushes out of his mouth with his tongue.  Some days he wants his baby food, some days he refuses.  He is going to be very difficult when it comes to meal time.

Nathaniel hasn't found any certain toy that he loves, he will play with anything.  He still loves looking at his mobile at bedtime.  He also loves jumping.  He will stand in his crib and jump and laugh.  He is very ticklish and lets out the cutest giggle when he gets washed up.  Unlike his brothers, Nathaniel is a pacifier baby.  He doesn't want one pacifier, he wants multiple at one time.  He often goes to bed with seven pacifiers.  You can find him sucking one and holding four or he will throw them out of his bed.  Mommy believes he is trying to throw them at Adam.

Nathaniel had a rough start when he came into the world.  He spend 18 days in the NICU, partly healing a hole in his lung.  He spent time on a ventilator and was very unhappy in those first days.  He is such a happy boy now, often smiling, but making it known he is around.

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