Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ryan at 4

How is he already 4 years old?  It seems like he was just a little baby, or just learning to walk and talk.  It is really true when they say that they grow so fast and if you blink you will miss it. 

The past year has probably been the biggest year with the most change for Ryan.  He not only got one brother, but two baby brothers invade his house.  Also, he spent the most amount of time away from Mommy and Daddy, spending nearly 4 weeks off and on with his grandparents over the summer.  In addition (and if you ask Mommy, one of the best things of all) he fully potty trained over the last year, finally giving up his overnight pull up more than a month ago. 

Ryan has quite the imagination now.  He comes up with all sorts of things that make Mommy and Daddy scratch their heads wondering where he picked it up.  Recently a horrible stomach bug hit our house, starting with Ryan first, then moving on to Mommy, then Daddy, then Adam and finally Nathaniel.  Ryan concoted this whole story that a lobster clawed his way into his tummy and was making everything in his tummy come out.  The only way to get rid of the lobster was to poot it out.  From now on, whenever we have a stomach bug, it will always be referred to as "the lobster got me." 

Ryan is also very inquisitive.  He wants the definitions of things he does not understand.  He points out things and wonders what they are and he asks why we do things.  "Mommy, why do we always have to wear a coat?"  Mommy, why do brothers eat all the time?"  Mommy, are you sure this is the fastest way home?"  The list goes on and on.

From day one Ryan has embraced and loved his brothers.  He likes them to sit with him and watch TV.  He likes to show them their and his toys.  He wants to talk to them.  He even lets us know when they are upset.  He has been pretty understanding about their needs and waiting his turn.  He even tells strangers that they are very delicate.  Hopefully this is a relationship that will flourish among all three of them.

Ryan has several interests, but topping the list has to be Transformers.  He is fascinated by all the Transformers cartoons, toys and anything else.   Some of his other favorites are Justice League, Doc McStuffins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  If you let him, he would sit and watch TV all day long.  Of course he doesn't hear a word you say if he is watching TV.  You actually have to stand between him and the TV to get him to listen.

He may be creative and funny, but he also has a temper.  Ryan has a lot of attitude when he does not get the answer he wants.  He will scream and cry and yell and interrupt.  The biggest punishment he can receive is losing his TV privledges.  If he loses that it is like the world has ended.  Needless to say, he has lost quite a bit of TV this past year.

Ryan is growing to be quite the boy.  He is rough and loves many boy things.  He also is very sensitive and caring.  He is worried about others when they are not well and has a good heart.  He is helpful and understands right from wrong.  He even calls others out when he knows they are doing something wrong such as saying a bad word or not wearing their seatbelt.  We are all blessed to have him in our lives.

Happy Birthday Ryan!

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