Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Before Mommy headed back to work, we took a short trip to the Outer Banks for a wedding.  We stayed with Mammy, Peapooh and Bel Bel.  Ryan enjoyed some time at the beach and putt putt.  It was a nice few days to just get away.

Unfortunately Mommy did not have the camera rolling at the time, but Ryan and Bel were playing outside with sparklers.  Ryan decided to run inside to get the other box.  What he did not realize was that the door was closed.  Of course it was a full glass door and he thought he would just run inside.  He hit it face first and fell to the ground.  He got up laughing and we all laughed at him.  The funnier part was a few minutes later he was going in the house again and ran face first in the the door for a second time.

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