Monday, June 25, 2012

June 17, 2012 - The Arrival of Adam and Nathaniel

The arrival of the twins was quite the whirlwind of excitement and scary moments.  It started on the morning of June 10th.  Mommy had been diagnosed with placenta previa many weeks ago.  There was always hope that it would resolve itself, but the placenta never budged.  The doctors were always cautioning to keep an eye out for any bleeding.  If that happened, we were to rush to the hospital right away.  Ryan woke Mommy early that Sunday morning because he had to go potty.  As soon as Mommy got out of bed, she realized she was bleeding.  We got Daddy up and raced to the hospital.  Upon arrival they rushed Mommy into triage to monitor the babies and Mommy.  By this time the bleeding had stopped and the babies were responding well.  We were getting all sorts of information thrown at us from the babies were coming that day to we are going home in 24 hours.  After a while they decided to admit Mommy into the hospital until the babies arrival.

Mommy settled in to her new residence anticipating to deliver on the original scheduled date of June 27th.  There wasn't a lot that could be done at the hospital.  There were limited channels on the TV.  Mommy watched a lot of court shows and Price is Right.  With the special diet for diabetes, the food wasn't terribly exciting.  Mommy had a few visitors to pass the time and Daddy came daily to spend time.  At this time, Mammy and Peapooh came to stay with Ryan on the Sunday Mommy went into the hospital and then Grammy came up during the week to help Daddy.  On Saturday, Ryan went to stay with Mammy and Peapooh at their house and Grammy and Bumpy for a couple days as well. 

For Mommy the week past with no additional problems.  We found out that baby A's placenta had partially separated.  They were montiored twice daily and always showed they were just fine.  On ultrasound they looked great.  Mommy was starting to feel  like she was taking up space in the hospital.  The doctors kept saying that the first bleed can be a warning and a second bleed is much worse.  This is the reason they didn't want me going home.  The way things were going we thought it would be no problem to make it until our scheduled delivery day. 

On Sunday, June 17th (Father's Day), the day started as every other morning had since being in the hospital.  The morning monitor looked great and Mommy was feeling fine.  Daddy was not feeling well, but on his way to the hospital to spend the day with Mommy.  Lunch had just arrived, but Mommy was waiting to eat it with Daddy when he arrived.  Mommy got up to go to the bathroom (as she did every hour) and all of a sudden started bleeding very heavily.  Mommy thought her water had broken because so much blood was flowing out.  From that point on, things became organized chaos.  Right away they put the babies on the monitors to make sure they were fine.  They still proved they were doing well.  Several people were rushing into the room and preparing for the arrival of the boys.  Two people were trying to put in IVs, one was trying to put the babies on the monitors and there were more prepping everything else.  During all of this Daddy arrived and was told to stay back.

They wheeled Mommy down to Labor and Delivery and started to prep for surgery.  After about an hour, Mommy was wheeled into the operating room and awaited the arrival of the twins.  We were unsure how well the boys would do on the outside, but prayed they would be healthy.  In surgery things moved fairly quickly and at 2:13 pm, Adam Alastair came out screaming.  One minute later, at 2:14 pm, Nathaniel Desmond followed, also screaming.  Mommy and Daddy got a brief view and kiss and then they were rushed away to the NICU.  Mommy was sewed up and wheeled to recovery and Daddy headed off to the NICU to see the babies.

Unfortunately both boys were not quite ready to enter the world.  They both had underdeveloped lungs and needed assistance breathing.  They were put on c-pap machines and given extra oxygen.  Over the next few days we went on a roller coaster of ups and downs, especially with Nathaniel.

Welcome Adam!

Welcome Nathaniel!


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  1. Love this! Congrats Kristy! Welcome to the world Adam and Nathaniel!