Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ryan At 3

Where has the time gone?  Ryan is now 3 years old! 

Ryan has learned a lot over the past year.  He continues to learn more about letters, numbers and colors, but hasn't totally mastered them yet.  His favorite thing that he has learned this year is cutting with scissors.  Santa even brought him his very own scissors this year because he wants to cut all the time.

Ryan loves TV.  He gets to watch a show every night before bed.  His favorite is Handy Manny.  We also watch Berenstein Bears, Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Clifford the Big Red Dog and other various programs.  He sings along with shows, sometimes answers questions and often picks the correct Mousecatool.

Ryan appears to be very popular amongst his friends.  Mommy has had several parents say that Ryan is a named often talked about at home.  Judging by the turn out at his party, he must be well liked. 

Life is not always roses with Ryan however; afterall he is 3.  He often refuses to do what he is told, especially clean up.  He whines when he doesn't get what he wants.  He also screams, especially in the car. 

We are in the process of potty training.  He is fairly good about peeing, but absolutely refuses to poop in the potty.  We have offered him everything under the sun, but he has zero interest.  Maybe we will see that change soon.

Happy birthday to our (big) boy.  It is unbelievable that is has been three years since he was born on a snowy January night.  He continues to amaze us daily and surely will continue to do so.

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