Thursday, December 29, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas (Christmas Eve)

Williamsburg/Gloucester - On the second day of Christmas, we woke up at Grammy and Bumpy's house to finish opening our presents.  This was when Ryan found all the toys from Grammy and Bumpy.  We had a nice time at their house.

Around midday we headed to Mammy and Peapooh's house.  Ryan took his nap in the car and that was it for the day.  While Mommy did a lot of wrapping, Ryan played with Bel Bel and Daddy watched TV.  When the evening rolled around it was time for our Christmas Eve traditions.  Mikey came over to exchange gifts and throw wrapping paper in the ceiling fan, Ryan and Bel spread reindeer dust and set out a plate for Santa and we all opened new Christmas Eve pajamas.  We also said goodby to Donald until next year.

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