Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vacation Day 5 - Magic Kingdom (again) & Hollywood Studios

Orlando, Fl - When we left magic Kingdom yesterday, we did not feel we finished everything we wanted to do, so we went back this morning.  We picked up some of the things we just could not do yesterday.  We had to pick up Ryan's personalized ears.  We started by going on the Winnie the Pooh ride.  That was adorable.  We wrapped up that side of the park with the Haunted Mansion.

We headed over to ride Big Thunder Mountain, but we saw Donald and had to stop to say hello.  Then  we realized it was almost time for the Country Bear Jamboree...isn't it tradition to see that when you go to Disney World?  Finally, Mommy and Daddy rode Big Thunder Mountain.  After that, we headed for the gate.  Before we left, we did just a little shopping.

Our next stop was Disney's Hollywood Studios.  One of Ryan's favorite characters resides here...Handy Manny.  We watched the Disney Junior show (with Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates).  Handy Manny was the only one Ryan really cared about.  Right after the show we were even able to go meet (and get an autograph) with Handy Manny.

Back to the center of the park we headed and got the great movie ride.  It was a really neat history of movies.  By the time that finished it was time for the afternoon parade of Pixar characters.  We saw the Incredibles, Bug's Life, Monster's Inc., Up, and Toy Story.  Ryan was so excited to see the familiar faces go by.  He was also excited when we went to visit with Lightning McQueen and TowMater (or as he calls it, Car Racing).

We finished up the day in the Pixar area where we met a Green Army Man.  He even signed Ryan's autograph book as "Green Army Man".

This was our last day in one of Mickey's houses.  We visited Mickey's Animals (Animal Kingdom), Mickey's Golf Ball (Epcot), Mickey's House (Magic Kingdom) and Mickey's Movies (Hollywood Studios).  Tomorrow is our last day and we will again visit Mickey's Store (Downtown Disney).

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