Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peapooh's Helper

Gloucester - Ryan and Bel Bel were a big help to Peapooh on Saturday.  We started the morning with the back door not opening, so Ryan helped Peapooh take off the old knob.  We had to go to Peapooh's Lowe's (that is what Ryan called it) to get a new knob.  We went home and Ryan helped him install it.

After nap time, Ryan and Bel Bel helped Peapooh farm and log.  They picked blackberrys, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and checked the peppers (not ready yet). They enjoyed the fruits of their labor and ate the blackberrys after picking them.  Then they removed brush from a tree limb that Peapooh cut up with the chainsaw.  Of course Ryan had to find the largest piece to remove.  For all their hard work, everyone was rewarded with popsicles.

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