Saturday, April 23, 2011

Busch Gardens

Williamsburg -  Ryan had such a fun time at Busch Gardens.  He rode every ride he could get on, had Daddy win him some prizes (and Mommy too) and crashed on the way home.

He rode the dragon first.

Then it was on to the ladybugs.

He and Belle drove a boat.

Then they rode the dinosaur eggs with Peapooh.  They went no hands.

They had the opportunity to speak with the Easter Bunny. 

Then Mammy gave him strawberrys and whipped cream for lunch.

He then "attempted" to drive the bumper cars.  He couldn't quite get pushinng the gas pedal and steering at the same time.

Ryan then flew an airplane.

Then on to the swings.

He and Mammy rode the gliders.

They took a ride in the balloons.

He found the teacups very funny.  He giggled the whole time as he was being tossed around.

Ernie was sitting, watching a show, so Ryan sat with him.

After the show he and Mommy took a picture with Ernie Bert.

He rode a fun "big shot" type ride with Daddy.

He LOVED the Little Clydes.  He rode them three times in a row.

The day ended with a ride on the train.  Choo choo!

Within 10 minutes in the car, he crashed.

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