Monday, March 28, 2011

Ryan's Take on the Airline Industry

Woodbridge (and all the place Ryan Airlines flies to) - Ryan really likes airplanes now. The lesson at school this month is all about the sky, so they have been talking about airplanes too. When you ask Ryan where he is going to fly to on an airplane he either says Mickey's House or Grammy's House.
Ryan got a really cool airplane for his birthday. He likes to push it around the house and take the passengers on trips. Today the airplane was overbooked, so only one piece of carry-on luggage was allowed by all passengers. It is unclear at this time if there was a fee for carry-ons or a fuel surcharge. It was a pretty long flight (around the living room and landing in the kitchen). Hopefully a meal was served. Obviously it was a rough landing, because all the passengers and the pilot were thrown from the plane. I may not recommend Ryan Airlines as a safe alternative for your next trip.

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