Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Ryan

Two years ago today Ryan entered this world weighing 7 lbs, 11 oz.  Now, nearly 30 lbs, he is full of wonder and amazement.  He makes his Mommy and Daddy laugh with his antics; he absorbs everything around him; he talks ALL the time; and he knows everyones name (he is kind of like Cheers).  Several times a day we go through roll call.  He asks about his grandparents, cousin Bel Bel, Aunt Cheech, Jack Fergus (Bel Bel's doggy), Chloe (Grammy's doggy) and Tundra (Uncle Justin's doggy).  He also talks about his teachers and friends at school.

At school he says hi to everyone and knows all their names.  Mommy has also received several comments on how polite he is - says please and thank you, excuse me and bless you.  If anyone around him coughs or expresses any pain, he always asks if they are OK.

Ryan gives hugs and kisses, but on his terms and when he feels like it.  He eats almost anything you put in front of him, but loves nuggets, french fries and Chex Mix.  He would eat any of those everyday if you let him.  He likes to point out body parts (nose, eyes, mouth, hands and especially belly button) and rub his hands through Mommy's hair while saying "Mommy hair."

Ryan knows nearly all the Sesame Street characters, eventhough he just watches Elmo's World each day.  He gets excited when he sees any of them in a book and runs to show them off.  He loves Mickey Mouse and will watch Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse whenever Mommy and Daddy remember to turn it on.  He does a really good hot dog.  He also likes to watch Clifford the Big Red Dog, Wheel of Fortune and football (both American football and soccer).

Ryan likes to stay busy.  He is not one to sit still for any period of time.  He won't lay in bed and watch TV or sit in the floor and play with one toy for an extended period of time.  Even when we are out, if the cart or stroller are not moving, he is trying to stand up or get out.  It is the same with a car trip - if it is moving at speed he is quiet, if we are in traffic he is yelling and kicking the seat.

Ryan is a great helper.  He will throw trash away, put his dirty dishes in the sink and help clean up.  He will grab items off the shelf in the stores and put them in the cart, he will bring you a drink and will grab mail out of the mailbox.  At school he has specific jobs...he turns the radio on in the morning, delivers breakfast to the babies and removes shoe coverings from the babies' teacher's feet.

Ryan has learned so much, including the ABC song and his numbers to 10.  He can tell you all sorts of colors as well.  He knows what the potty is for, but has no interest in using it himself.

Happy Birthday to our big boy.  Time is going by way too fast, but Mommy and Daddy are trying to savor every minute they can.

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