Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Keeps Us Laughing

Ryan continues to keep things lively. Here are a couple new stories that keep Mommy and Daddy laughing at him.

For awhile Ryan has like to watch Wheel of Fortune on TV. Maybe it is the colors, maybe it is the noise, but it really draws his interest (not like Elbow, but close). He gets so into the show that he claps along with the audience and the contestants. Last night he got so excited that the lady won a trip to Jamaica. He kept clapping and squealing for her. It was almost like he won the trip to Jamaica.

This morning while driving in to work he was pretty quiet. He is normally not very chatty in the car, but he does make sure we know he is back there most of the time. We passed a fire truck with its siren on. All of a sudden from the backseat we hear Ryan make a “WOO WOO” siren noise. Then another fire truck passed with its siren on and we hear it again from the backseat. I guess Ryan wanted to make sure we got the siren in stereo.

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